What a journey! Some sentimental words and a photo recap...


So, the tour with Braid has come to an end. It has been an awesome experience to say the least. 

This tour gave me a front row seat not only to the performances of Braid's shows but also to their day to day lives while on the road for two weeks. 

Damon, Todd, Bob and Chris: Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your every move. 

Thank you for entrusting me within the confines of the tour and all of your personal space.

I realize that agreeing to have a photographer tag along the tour could add another element of stress or pressure. Touring provides many opportunities of uncertainty and even confusion, so having me around
consistently in your face could eventually have taken a toll on some folks. Allowing me into your inner circle and personal space was something I took very seriously and I am extremely grateful for having
that opportunity.

I was overwhelmed on how professional and organized all of you were while touring. It really was not what I expected but in hindsight it makes sense. There would be no way you could embark on such a journey without having all your t's crossed and i's dotted. It made me realize just how much hard work goes into touring. I have a new found respect for any touring band out there and realize it is a lot of hard work. It takes a special group of people to come together and pull it off. 

I knew I would be in for some work but I had no idea how hard it would actually be. Still, I can't help but think I was sort of spoiled, it could have been very different if it were any other band. One thing is for sure, I loved every minute of it.

You are all great people and I wish you all the best in your future adventures.

To my amazing wife, Cat. Thank you for being the person you are. Your willingness to sacrifice goes beyond what any words can describe. You have always been a pillar I can rely on. Your encouragement and love spoil me. I am extremely blessed to be married to you. I love you so much boo!

To everyone that followed the blog. Thank you! This seriously was a last second project I decided to do during the first day in the van with Todd. I had no idea what to expect but I thought it would be a good way to keep a "journal" of my travels. I have been pleasantly surprised by all the comments I have received. I was not expecting that at all. Even more so, I have been overwhelmed by many fine folks who have come up to me personally to tell me how much they enjoyed the blog. Thank you all!

I have met many great people while on this tour. Hey, speaking of great people! Mike Kinsella, Michael Schumacher and David "Suge" Jun , it was awesome to experience this tour with all of you.

Kinsella, I'm a fan. You inspire me with your songwriting.

Michael and Suge, thanks for all of the help while on the road. You guys are animals and know how to work your asses off. We were all fortunate to have such an awesome group of guys working together. I can't help but to think we all made a great team.

So, with all those mushy words out of the way, I thought I would throw together a "sort of" recap in photos of the two week adventure we all encountered. Get comfortable, there's a lot to look through...

Oh yeah, for those of you who care, my final image count ended at 10,655 images shot while on tour.

Thanks again everyone! Be sure to check out past entries on the blog. Also, feel free to spread the word, it's not to late to share the love!