New York City, acoustic spots and soundcheck. Thursday, August 9th

Hello Friends,

We have arrived in NYC. Got to the city early for some acoustic performances at Time Out New York and Glamour Kills. Good stuff. We then made our way to the Bowery Ballroom for sound check. Got there a little early so we had lunch in the van. Three O'clock came around and we were able to load in. Braid and Owen got all squared away with their sound checks and are ready to rock and roll. 

Once again we are a few hours from showtime. I'm going to get back out on the streets while there is still some daylight! I love photographing this city...

Oh Yeah, the photo of Chris flaunting money gangster style has a fun little story to it. While we were parked outside the Bowery Ballroom our van was hit by a passing car (no damage or anyone hurt) but Chris and Damon chased him down and had him pull over. Somehow Chris was able to gank some cash-flow from him for the inconvenience.