San Francisco show photos


Finally, here are the show photos from Braid's last performance in San Francisco from their August 2012 tour.

I have to say the performance at Slims was bittersweet. It was another high energy show but you couldn't feel a little sad, knowing this was the last show of the tour.

Again and again these very unassuming and quiet group of guys take the stage every night and give it their all. Tonight was no different. The band played their hearts out to a packed place. Both Bob and Chris found themselves in the crowd at various points during the show, giving the audience a little more than expected. 

Chris also performed a song with TS and the Past Haunts, a plan they all had been working on since we arrived on the West coast.

The show was a blast. Great crowd, awesome energy and overall an amazing atmosphere.

Much like the end of our East coast portion of the tour in Brooklyn, San Francisco did not disappoint. They brought the ruckus. I could not help to feel overwhelmed with excitement and a sense of reward and accomplishment.

After the show we ran across the street and grabbed some amazing crepes before heading to the hotel to end our last night on the road. We depart for Chicago early in the morning. As much as I know I'll enjoy getting home I could easily stay out another two weeks. 

Anyway, here you go! Enjoy and see you soon!