Made it to San Diego. August 16th, 2012


After having a little time off the crew is back at it. 

Todd and I once again made the journey from Milwaukee to Chicago early this morning so we could meet up with everyone and fly out to California from O'Hare airport. We left Milwaukee at 4:45am.

Our flight was delayed about forty-five minutes before we could take off, due to storms. Once we arrived in California we got stuck on the Tarmac for about thirty-five minutes as well. 

Anyway, on this leg of the of the tour we have David "Suge" Jun accompanying us. He will be helping us out all around. He picked us up at the LAX and had all the gear ready to go. Van, trailer and all.

We got to the venue after picking up some Braid merchandise. The guys did sound check and everyone  is set to go.

Oh yeah, I should mention tonights venue is a church.

I'll holler soon, thanks for visiting!