Brooklyn to Boston. Sunday, August 12th

Friends and family!

Sometimes this Blogger thing is hard to use, especially when you are bouncing around in a van traveling down the interstate. 

Here are a few photos from our drive from our hotel in Connecticut to Cambridge where the next show is to be played at The Middle East.

The two Brooklyn shows where off the chain the other night! Brooklyn came through with a sold out show and the secret after party show was pretty baller. It was an extremely long day so it was nice to finally reach our hotel in Connecticut, about an hour drive from New York City. 

The day started by watching "Puss N' Boots" at the hotel, I love that movie. We retrieved the van and hit the road. Once we made it onto the interstate we were able to find a Whole Foods grocery store, a gods send at the time. I made a delicious salad at the salad bar. It was all saladie and stuff...

This is a very nice party of the country. Lots of nice looking towns along the way, but to be honest the road starts to all look the same once you've been traveling for a while.

We ran in to numerous snags in traffic. Between tolls, accidents, and heavy traffic we finally made it to the club. 

Soundcheck was solid and and the crew was ready for yet another show. 

See you real soon friends!