Philly show photos.

Man, this tour is moving fast, which is ironic cause I feel like we are basically always in the van the entire time and that travel time on the road seems as if it takes forever. By the way, peeing into empty water and Gatorade bottles is the norm when traveling in the van...

Hey! This post is supposed to be about the photos from last nights show in Philly! 

Once again, backstage was pretty chill before the show. It's interesting to watch how the guys each deal with the moments prior to a performance. A relatively quiet backstage never fails to erupt on stage during their performance. I love witnessing those moment first hand right before a show. It really is pretty cool to be with these guys when the house lights go down and they take the stage.

Oh yeah, there is an amazing action shot of me hard at work on my blog in this post as well. Courtesy of Tiffany. Also, I included an awesome shot of Todd's bruised toes, he rocked so hard last night that he may have broken a toe or two... I love you Todd! ;-)

Thanks again for following! Shout out going to Nasha! I hope I got that right!

Much love to my wife Cat in Mil-town! I miss you boo!

Stay tuned. No pun intended...