Drive from Boston to Milwaukee and some days off


Since the shows in Boston we have had a couple days off, but not really. The travel time from Boston to Milwaukee took around twenty hours, considering we had to make a stop in Cleveland where we did inventory on merchandise at Mike's home. We also stopped in Chicago to unload gear.

Poor Bob had to go right to work though once we got to Chicago.

Todd and I headed North to Milwaukee and the rest of the guys started their days of recovery and planning for the trip out west. 

Once I was home in Milwaukee I was clearly in a daze. You do not get good sleep on the road, especially in a bumpy van. I actually couldn't believe I was home. I wasn't even sure what day it was and I felt like a zombie. I was beat and exhausted. Still, I needed to get some work done on the blog. Eventually I got caught up.

Orange Amps gave a shout out to Braid on the Orange Amp Facebook page and they used one of my images, that's pretty nifty.

Anyway, I think all the guys and myself included are using this down time to catch up on the home front. It's good to be home with the wifey.

The band flies out for California tomorrow morning from Chicago. We will hit the ground running cause there is a show to be played in the evening at the Irenic in San Diego.

I will do my best to keep everyone posted while in California.

Thanks again for following! Please spread the word!

See you soon,