Day Number One, Getting Ready. Monday, August 6th

Day number one starts with Todd Bell and I taking off from Milwaukee, WI. Just the two of us. The plan is to meet up with the rest of the band outside of Chicago at Chris Broach's home to practice, pack and gear up for an early morning departure for Cleveland, Ohio. 

About seventy miles outside of Milwaukee the tour van breaks down while driving on I294 near 
Des Plains, Illinois. After nearly three hours of getting to know the area on the side of the road we were finally saved by Chris and the friendly neighborhood tow truck driver.

Eventually all members of the band converged at Chris Broach's place, where Bob, Damon, Chris and Todd knocked off some cobwebs and prepared their set for the tour. 

Once the guys were done practicing Chris and Damon headed out to retrieve a new van for the tour. Todd and I stayed behind and loaded equipment into the trailer that we will be pulling during the first leg of the trip.

Our plan is to get up early and be on the road towards Cleveland around 6am. Sound check at the Grog Shop is at four in the afternoon. The first show takes place tomorrow night.

A couple minor speed bumps early on but over all we're still off to a good start.