You need an update. Monday, August13th


Is it really Monday? That means that the first leg of the Braid and Owen Olympic tour of 2012 has come to pass, kind of hard to believe.

I realize that I have been away from the blog since our drive from Philly to Brooklyn last Saturday. Well, there is very good reason for that. Saturday and Sunday were two of the most action packed days of the tour. The band played four shows in a period of forty eight hours. If you were not aware of the secret shows in Brooklyn and Boston well, you are now.

It has been a little hard to keep up to say the least.

I just ate a decent breakfast, which seriously has been the first real food I have been able to grab in the last twenty two hours. The last substantial thing I ate was an awesome salad from Whole Foods in Connecticut, yesterday afternoon. That seams like forever ago.

At this point we are journeying our way back to Cleveland from Boston and have about an eleven hour drive ahead of us. I think I'll be able to get some new photos up somewhere in that time, provided our internet in the van holds up (can be spotty at times), not to mention battery life on the laptop.

Image tally count so far: 5,311 imported images. I easily have another 1,000 to import.


Love you guys and thanks for your patience.

See you soon!